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A Lil' Sweat Won't Hurt

I am SO happy that working out and curves are being used in the same sentence. When I first decided to become healthier (after being told I was prediabetic, had damaged my liver with alcohol and pinched a nerve in my back from having a weak core), I seriously felt alienated from the plus size community. It was like by choosing to eat better and exercising -- I was somehow viewed as a disgrace. It bothered me for a long time- a really long time; but when I began feeling better, I stopped caring as much what others may be thinking when they saw my posts about meal prepping and loving workouts. Seems like those days are long behind us now. There are plenty of plus size women and models who are advocating for curves and health simultaneously and I absolutely love it!

I have a healthy addiction with how working out makes me feel. Being all sweaty during and after a workout, seriously make me feel sexy. Liberated. Strong. Worth celebrating and like I can take on the world. All of this was different when I first decided to begin my health journey three years ago. I HATED sweating in general and I hated for anyone else to see me sweaty or exerting energy. Seems silly right? But, I refused to workout in groups and hated going to the gym during "peak" times at the risk that someone may see me there. Now, I'll post my workouts on social media for any and all to see and do it gladly! I also feel like the #SweatySeflie is obligatory but only while the sweat is still dripping!

The other part about working out for me, is my clothing! The proper outfit can make or break a great workout. I cannot stand when I'm trying to get my run on and my pants are falling down, or my breasts are trying to beat me to the finish line of the workout (Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!). Finding great active wear for great prices has been a struggle- but I LOVE RBXActive! They have cute fitness options, for a great price and the fit is amazing! Pictured is me in their leggings and tank top! I'm super excited also because they offer an amazing size selection which includes XS-3X so little booties and big booties alike can shake without fear of being exposed doing that low squat or running sesh!

Not even going to lie to you guys, I love that both of these workout pieces also totally double as regular clothes depending on what you pair them with. I mean, let's be real....aren't these mesh panels cute as heck? I love pieces that I can wear interchangeably, it makes me feel like I got a 2 for one deal. So whether you're running to yoga class, or just running errands you can pull it off!

What's your favorite place to shop for workout clothes??

Photos by: @Donesha_thevisionary

Leggings & Tanktop: @RbxActive

Shoes: @NikeRunning

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