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I enrolled into Therapy

I think sometimes it's hard to admit that you need help, or continue to struggle with something that others assume you've fully overcome.

Which is definitely how I feel sometimes about body positivity and body acceptance.

Veronica (@houseofamparo) and I have been experiencing the beauty of Aruba for 5 days now.

Our first night here, started off as an absolute dream. We went out to eat, shared a few drinks and laughs and decided to hit Gusto Night Club for dancing! The music selection was perfect, the DJ was playing hit after hit and I couldn't stop dancing.

We made our way to the bar to grab more of their 2 for 1 drink specials and the bartender caught me dancing.

He cleared off the bar top, wiped it down to make sure it was dry and invited me to get up and start dancing.

I froze.

I thought- no, I'm too big to get up on the bar.

No, I'm wearing heels and what if I slip.

No, I shouldn't get up there because I'll probably look fat.

I said no, no, no, no.

Veronica leaned over and said "Girl, you only live once- live it up!"

It was enough encouragement for me to climb up and start dancing.

For those few seconds, I felt so liberated and found that I completely forgot about all of the inscure thoughts I had just moments earlier.

See video here (clickable link)

Was this living? I think so. I danced the entire rest of the night away without second guessing myself and we ended up making friends and sweating off most of our makeup.

It was a night of much needed Dance therapy, and luckily Veronica caught it on video so I'll have t to refer back to when I forget how courage I can be.

You can see the video here

It only took 5 seconds of bold courage, because once I got up there I was in full swing and totally committed.

I think it's in little moments like this where we learn to love ourselves more, and erase insecurities and negative thoughts that we have about ourselves.

For me, body positivity isn't a one and done. People think- oh, well you've lost weight and your confidence has gone up so you must not struggle with insecurities as much and that's just not true. Body positivity is an everyday battle. So today, I hope you choose to win!

Grateful for a night of therapy and sweat for reminding me that getting uncomfortable is a great way to show yourself some love!

(After dancing- the bartender gave me a cute flower made out of a napkin and a straw-which I soon lost from continuing to dance lol) Top is a body suit from @AdoreMe Jeans from Forever21 +)

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