• Rae Williams

Motivation Means Nothing

Motivation will get you started, but it will NOT keep you going. Not unless you find a way to keep your motivation sparked often. And by often, I mean daily!

I cannot tell you how many times I attempted to stick to a gym regimen in the past and failed miserably. Seriously, I can't count! I would go hard for about a week, wind up sorer than I could handle and fall off for another three weeks until I felt motivated to try again.

I realized about 3 years ago that I was doing it ALL wrong. Motivation was great, but only when used properly. Here's some tips that help me stay consistent with my exercise.

1- I keep the feeling of accomplishment that I get EVERY time after a workout, with me. I expect to feel great after I workout because that's always how it happens. This feeling of expectation really helps get me to get into the workout even when I don't really "feel" like it.

2- I keep my goals visible. I have my goals in my phone, saved on my computer and hand written in my journal. This way I have a constant reminder of WHY I want to exercise

3- I buy cute workout clothes. You probably laughed, but I'm serious, looking cute going in and coming out of a workout session keeps my spirits high. I've found that I don't have to do as much convincing when I have a cute outfit to wear.

4- Lay your clothes out and set your alarm the night before! I have found that having my clothes ready for my workout make the transition from my bed, to the gym much easier. And there's no fumbling around in the dark debating on whether or not the outfit matches.

5- Get the good tunes OR motivational speakers that you love in your ears AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP! I repeat, as soon as you wake up! For me, setting the music as my ringtone has worked really well, and then immediately putting my headphones in my ears to listen to E.T really fires me up in the morning.

Looking forward to hearing how these tips help, or if you have any other tips that you feel work well for you I would love to hear them! Feel free to comment below :)

Outfit: @RBXActive

Photography: @JRP360

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