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Falling into Fashion

If you’re anything like me, you struggle with Fall layers.

Especially in the beginning of fall. I’m either sweating my life away, or freezing from being a terrible judge of how the weather is going to behave!

Usually I revert to sweat pants and hoodies (which is still a yes in my book), but this season I’ve decided to be more fashionable in my fall clothing choices.

Below see a basic black long sleeve uniqlo top and the curve hugging  Skinnies by @RwnbyRawan  (which have easily become a favorite pair of my jeans) styles 4 different ways! Be sure to let me know which look is your favorite!

Look One: Super casual. My favorite denim jacket and white Micheal Kors shoes give this outfit an upgrade from basic but keep it super comfortable and perfect for running errands.

Look Two: This look would be my go to for a date or casual work meeting. The purse takes it up a notch and the statement necklace really pulls it together.

Look Three: I would wear this outfit to brunch with the girls. It incorporates the camo color that is perfect for fall and the booties make it brunch appropriate!

Look Four: Classic red and black flannel, high socks and combat boots scream casual school day to me, and I’m also ready to head to the weekend bonfire when I get that invitation.

What was your favorite look?

Comment below! 

All photos by: Stephanie Mallick 

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