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Slutty vs. Sexy: Lingerie Talk

I can’t tell you how often people try to explain the difference between what’s appropriate to put on social media versus what is not. Or what’s appropriate for a woman to wear versus what is not.

I remember when I first became interested in lingerie- as if it were taboo for a larger sized woman to want flattering and pretty undergarments; I immediately received comments like : “Are you really going to wear that?” “People are going to think you’re begging for attention” “Guys will think you’re easy” “Don’t you think that’s a lot of skin for you to wear?” And so much more! 

Lingerie has been a way for me to grow comfortable with my body. How it bends, how it moves and also appreciative of the every day things my body does for me without me having to think about it. All normal things that women have been shamed into believing made us less than. 

I love lingerie because I think every woman deserves to admire her own body, and I feel like seeing ourselves in something pretty helps us to appreciate our own canvas a little more. 

News flash!!!!!

YES I’m going to wear it and post it on social media!

I can’t pay my bills with the thoughts of others.

Guys will shoot their shot no matter what.

No, I should be able to wear how ever much or however little I want despite what size I am. It’s about ME being comfortable. 

Lingerie has helped me shape into a woman who loves her body, herself and everything I have to offer. 

I’ve even started wearing lingerie out into public as tops, because I love the feeling that it gives me. Empowered. Sexy. Strong. Womanly.

So in my opinion, 

1) Lingerie isn’t ever slutty 

2) Every woman should wear what she wants/when she wants/ how she wants

3) She should be able to wear it without fear of judgement from others.

Especially other women, y’all need to stop that ish! We all out here trying to love one ourselves, don’t tear down your sister for how she chooses to express her self love.

We need to all do better!



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