• Rae Williams

The Wake Up Call You Needed Yesterday

Life is such a complex concept.

There’s a thousand things happening at the same exact time, some of which- we don’t even notice.

Or it’s been there so long that we forget about it. Like the ticking of the analog clock in your bedroom that you don’t even use to tell time with because you have a digital watch on your wrist and your cellphone.

These complexities happen in our relationships also, with our dreams and goals and even with ourselves.

I will be the first person to tell you that old habits (which are usually also bad, or no one would have ever tried to get rid of them in the first place) die hard and slow! And that at any moment you decide to ease up on actively pursuing and living in the new habits you’ve formed, those old habits will make a jump at being resurrected.

This goes for dating the wrong type of person, health habits, shopping addictions, drug use ETC!

If we aren’t careful, we will find ourselves running in circles. Breaking a habit then sinking back into it.

Breaking a habit, then sinking back into it.

Breaking a habit and then, sinking back into it.

No matter the different way you sink back into it, it’s going to take you time to break back out of it.

And that, is time wasted! And time that we can’t ever get back!

I can’t say that I believe in balance. But I do believe in moving forward no matter what and constantly evaluating myself to make sure I’m headed where I want to go.

For the rest of this month, I encourage you to do the same! Evaluate your patterns and habits and match them up to what you say you want to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Don’t get so caught up in circles that you feel like things are normal. 

Snap out of old routines that aren’t bringing you new results!

This is the wake up call you needed yesterday, but it’s here today, so roll with it!

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