• Rae Williams

Butter me up & call me a biscuit.

I have two sides.

1. Extra Glam Rae 

2. Raggedy Ann but comfortable Rae 

With Raggedy Ann but comfortable Rae, I’ve been mistaken as homeless before. I have a few go-to, clearly worn in sweatpants, sweat shirts, ex’s basketball shorts and less than crisp t-shirts that I wear when I know I’m going to just be sitting in the house, have had a long day, am just getting back from a shoot or really have no choice but to put on clothes even when I don’t want to. I’m not proud to admit that I may or may not run errands in these outfits also...

Extra Glam Rae consists of extra effort in Hair and makeup, clothes that may be too tight or a pair of spanx that is anything but comfortable. I know my ladies know about this.

You can imagine my shock when I realized how cute AND comfortable this outfit from Old Navy was!

The pants feel like butter, none of that pinching at the belly button for my babes with more round than flat bellies like myself, and none of that squeezing my calves crap (my calves are quite large)! The satin blouse literally felt like I was being hugged while I was wearing it. It was amazing, and not to mention that I actually looked cute! I may still opt for my Raggedy Ann looks around the house, but I think I found a new  errand-running outfit.

What do you think??  And yes, that’s a genuine smile ‘cause this outfit is THAT comfy!! 

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