• Rae Williams

Thick Thighs and Boots that Fit!

Thick thighs save lives, that’s the saying right? But how come it’s SOooo hard to find shoes that fit my thick calves and especially thighs? I know I can’t be the only one! Even after losing 75 lbs, my thighs are still thick and I love them 😍 But I hate the difficulty I have shopping for sexy shoes, especially when it comes to boots! I’m happy to say that I finally found a pair of boots that fit PERFECTLY over all of these lucious thighs, and y’all...I actually have room to put my hands down the boots! (EEEEK!) 

I’m always skeptical buying things online, but these were on sale and I couldn’t help myself but to grab them in hopes they would fit. And they actually did! These are Fashion To Figure’s Carly wide calf boots. I can’t explain how happy I am about these boots! I paired them with a striped turtle neck from Old Navy, a super cute and super short skirt with awesome details from Forever21 Plus (because I mean, you needed to see all of the boot action). I got these boots for - hold your breath - $26.17!!!

What do you guys think of the boots or look? Would love to hear if you guys love it as much as I do or what you recommend pairing these boots with!

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