• Rae Williams

Surviving V-Day

I found myself so conflicted as this day approached. Part of me ridiculously sad to not have a Valentine, the other part kind of over it like...”I’m an independent woman who don’t need no man”. And I think now that the day is finally here, I’ve settled on being somewhere in the middle. 

It would be nice to be celebrating love with someone, definitely but I realize I can also celebrate love with myself everyday. No, it’s definitely not the same but self love is the most important! 

Here’s 5 tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day and weekend if you’re single like me :

1. Treat yourself - to your favorite foods, your favorite places to go, a new outfit; whatever you want! 

2. Practice self care - elaborate face masks, getting your nails done or doing them yourself, sleeping in, journaling or what feels best for you!

3. Move your body - exercise releases so many feel good endorphins it’s amazing!

4. Spend more time offline - social media will bombard you with images of seemingly happy couples celebrating extensively and may leave you jealous. Remember,social media isn’t 100% true. 

5. Tell your loved ones how much you love them. Your family, your friends - you never know who may be feeling the sting of being alone, a simple call or text may make their day 💕

Number 6 is a BONUS- wear lingerie under your clothes. Isnstant confudence boost and you’ll feel good all day 😉

It’s not really surviving, it’s more of a way to celebrate! So cheers 🥂 Friends, enjoy this day and weekend with your loved ones or yourself!

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