• Rae Williams

Eloquent in Eloquii

My visit to New Orleans to accept an award for Body Positive Model of the year did not go as planned, but I still felt like a major boss in these gold buttoned high waisted red pants! 

I got to do a live streamed radio broadcast for the first time ever, and I felt super confident in these pants talking about body positivity. 

And this Draper James jumpsuit? Perfect for my graduation celebration and a night out in DC! I got so many compliments from strangers wearing this outfit and it really made me feel amazing. 

I have to admit, I’ve always wondered if Eloquii’s clothes were worth the price. As a college student, I never thought to purchase from Eloquii because I felt like it was way out of my budget!

Let me tell you! I’m officially a believer! Eloquii’s garments have amazing stretch that manages to suck you in and still accentuate your curves!

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