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Lingerie is for Lovers

Growing up as a plussize tomboy, I don’t think anyone expected me to step into my feminine power the way that I did. And to be honest, sometimes even I’m shocked. Buuut, even into my adulthood, I was way too shy to wear lingerie for anyone other than myself. But lemme tell you, deciding to package your body in some beautiful lace, or any type of hot lingerie can add some intensity and passion in the bedroom and secretly be very empowering for you as a woman.  

Wearing lingerie for the first time in the bedroom for someone special was scary at first. A million things ran through my mind..like, what will he think? Is this too much? But then I remembered how bad-ass I feel when I wear lingerie, how sexy I move (at least in my head LOL) and how I’ve always wanted to be “that girl” that wears lingerie to add a little spice....to say the least? It was magical. How I felt intensified and I think it was a huge moment for me in my adulthood. It was what I wanted, and I feel like I stepped into my power a bit more- which is always a great thing! 

Lingerie has become one of my absolute favorite items to wear. Lingerie is SOO much more than a tool for intimacy. I’ve been trying to tap into my feminine side a bit more, and this hot pink lace bodysuit from  https://www.shopvarela.comdefinitely had me feeling flirty and soft 💕 They have a lot of cute items; available in a range of sizes and you can save 15% when you use RAEOFBEAUTY at check out 💕💕 Whether it’s just for you, or for you and your man- I guarantee you’ll love their pieces 😝 

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