• Rae Williams

Life’s Little Blessings

Sand between my toes, laughing until my sides heart and sweet memories that can turn my worse frowns into beautiful smiles. These are some of life’s little blessings. There are some days where Life’s Little Blessings are so abundant my heart is warm and fuzzy and I want to prolong the time as long as possible. I had a lot of these days while in Ghana during my second visit. I was having so much fun and just soaking up all of the beauty, all around me and also within my heart. My chance to go back to TeaBaa Grill for some yummy food and drinks was one of my favorite days, filled with sunshine, laughter and bomb food.

Wearing the orange and white polka dot jumper from Shein was perfect aesthetically for this day. Check it out below. Get your jumper here: Orange polka dot jumper

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