• Rae Williams

Keepin’ it Chic in The Rain

If you know me at all, you know I love to be active and this includes while I’m traveling! During my first trip to Ghana in March, I had a lot of fun hiking at Kakin Park and doing the Canopy Walk. During this visit, I got a chance to go to the Legon Botanical Gardens and do their Canopy Walk which featured a beautiful island filled with white seagulls. Before completing the canopy walk, it began to literally pour down raining. Typically, I would’ve been pissed...but it was so beautiful, and serene and I felt like I was having a real moment of connection with the earth.  

Literally drenched from rain, but figuratively soaking up the beauty and smiling because I felt so blessed to be living in that exact moment and the rain was like a reminder to be present in every moment.

I think I also felt so connected to the moment because of my chic jumper and tribal fanny pack from WandaRen Style. Wearing African print has become a staple for me, not just while in Ghana but in my day to day life and WandaRen makes it easy! Especially with the buttons at the crotch of the jumpsuit so you don’t have to get naked every time you go to the bathroom! It’s definitely one of my favorite new pieces because of this feature. Be sure to check them out at @WandaRenStyle on Instagram. 

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