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Paint Boire in Africa

It's hard to believe that I've never been to a Paint & Sip night before....I mean, I love wine and cocktails, and I love the opportunity to be creative. So I was super excited to be able to a Monday night paint session with Paint Bore while in Ghana at the Earl Heights Suites Hotel in Accra.

If you know me, I'm BIG on scenery and the location of this paint night was beautiful. Imagine this with me, a gorgeous warm summer night with a breeze next to a well stocked bar and a beautifully lit pool in sight and soothing music playing loud enough to hear, but not too loud where you can't hear the people around you.

So, listen! We got there earlyish for a Saturday night, and were able to have a seemingly private experience, which was actually really nice. I realized I shyed away from it because although I like to be creative, I'm not exactly artistic and I was nervous about not being able to draw or paint well. So having a kind of one on one experience was super nice.

The instructor walked us through our painting line by line and step by step, but if you know me...you knoww I can't draw to save my life so luckily he had a lot of patience to help me get the drawing right before I started painting it. Below, you can find some snapshots of what was a great night with me wearing my crop top open front jacket from @WandaRenStyle.

You can find Paint Boire on instagram at @PaintBoireAfrica and if you live in or ever visit Ghana- I highly recommend using them for a beautiful paint and sip night!

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