• Rae Williams

Mingling at the Polo Club

I've always loved having a reason to get dolled up and feel fancy, although I don't do it very often. Dining at the Accra Polo Club was exactly what I needed.

Even before entering through the gated area into the restaurant parking lot, you're greeting with a huge sign announcing your arrival.

Inside the gates, the ambiance continued to wow us. For starters, the decor is beautiful both inside and outside. Everything was picture-worthy from every angle.

We essentially had the entire top floor to ourselves, with a nice view to a gorgeous sun-filled day and if I wasn't already amazed with all of the beautiful decor.....the food was up next. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint at all.

Everything was so yummy, and I was the happiest girl because I got to have my prawns (my absolute favorite) and a dirty martini on the outside terrace. My tummy was so full between appetizers, full meals with sides, desserts, drinks and good conversation that I'm pretty sure I took a nap once I got back to the house.

I think the Accra Polo Club is a great place to go for monumental birthdays, and special occasions. It's got a beautiful outside bar also and the terrace is just absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed my time here.

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