• Rae Williams

Nights like Kissing Moonshine

"That's moonshine" he said, I heard but it totally went over my head. I didn't think he really meant that I was having shots of moonshine, but it turns out I get to cross that off my bucket list LOL.

Republic Bar in Ghana is an entire vibe. You park around the corner (if you're lucky) and seemingly stumble across laughter, frozen drinks in warm hands and live music.

It's got this authentic, not trying too hard feel to it, and as you look around you see how much fun everyone is genuinely having. The bar has an inside area which I've seen used for paint nights but outside is where you want to be. You can sit close to the live music, or live entertainment and feel the heat on your skin. It's got a beautiful spirit you want to be around.

Republic is owned and ran by two brothers, Raj and Kofi who are both dope and you can definitely tell how the placed got its vibe between the two of them.

I highly recommend the Kokoroko, the house favorite cocktail (red frozen drink). And if drinking moonshine is on your list- I say you should go for the ginger shots; be warned though....it really is moonshine and strong as hell. I had two and some other drinks and was feeling' REALLLLL RIGHT at the end of the night.

Beautiful Jane, who I met in March at the All White Farewell Beach Party came through with a beautiful gift for me. You can see all her. beautiful pieces on instagram at @Shop_Upendo. Can't wait to show you all the piece (and all the different ways I can style it) soon!

Raj and Kofi, before we took the first moonshine shot.

Kokoroko (red) and Harmattan (white)

Curry goat and yams

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