• Rae Williams

Passion. Pain. Pleasure

Life is always full of pain, everywhere that you look you can see it. So I became a person passionate about seeing love, life and happiness. In everything possible. For me, this year was full of A LOT of pain. The pain of a tumultuous end to grad school, the pain of me gaining weight due to the stress and having to refocus on loving myself. I put forth a lot of passion into keeping my mind strong. But I would be foolish to not talk about the amount of pleasure I experienced. 

I traveled to Ghana, twice and felt gut wrenching laughter both times. The beauty that my eyes saw was almost indescribable. Pleasure. Pure and beautiful, the things that life is all about.

I have 3 tattoos, 2 of which are words; so it’s not a surprise that I love graphics like this Shein sweater that simply says “Pleasure”.

You can get yours here: 

Pleasure Sweatshirt

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