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Becoming more Uncomfortable

At 26, I can finally say that I’m enjoying becoming uncomfortable. For some reason, I’ve almost always stood out wherever I go. Not usually for my stature, but for how I carry myself. People normally notice how happy I am, and how easily I pass on a smile. I love people and I love life and I try to show that. A few years ago, when I worked in law firms, I tried my hardest to blend in because standing out resulted in me being picked on and singled out. I hated it. I wanted nothing but to blend in like everyone else, it didn’t work.

I remember one of my mentors pulling me to the side after taking note of my changed behavior to blend in...and he said “You’ll always stand out, no matter what you do, it’s who you are and it’s what makes you you. Don’t try to hide that!” And now, at 26 and after quitting a job that wasn’t serving my purpose...I finally can say that I’m getting to a place where becoming more uncomfortable is becoming comfortable for me. Ironically enough, right? So, today I got up, put my makeup on and while our running errands...in the freezer isle I told my mom to take a picture of me. Well..a couple of pictures of me and I posed. It was a little awkward, but more of the becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable thing was happening and the pictures are super cute! 

I’ve been making a habit of wearing cute outfits lately too now that I’m not just dressing for work. I think that’s helping me be bolder too!

I’m pretty sure this is gonna be a repeat outfit cause not only was it comfy but also super cute. Shop the look below from www.shein.com. Just click on the underlined text 😘

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Shein Coat: Fuzzy coat

Shein Jeans: Striped jeans

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