• Rae Williams

Casual Slay Queen

I’m a believer that you will ALWAYS look the best in whatever you are comfortable in. I’m a huge fan of athleisure wear and being comfortable. I know, shocking since I model right? But seriously, if I can get away with playing up a casual outfit- you can bet that’s what I’ll be in. So naturally, I was automatically drawn to this casual grey jumpsuit- because I knew for a fact it would be comfortable to wear. I wore it to brunch, so not a lot of extra was required...so combat boots, a flannel and some cute jewelry for the win!

Leave a comment and let me know how you would style it, or just grab your own from www.shein.com and post a picture and tag me so I can see! You can use my code to save 15% off all plus size orders of $59 or more- my code is raeof15.Link to purchase is Grey Jumpsuit  . And the search ID is 666822.

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