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Puttin' my Big Girl Panties on with PantyDrop

I was just recently introduced to PantyDrop (find them online at www.pantydrop.me/) and I have to say...I'm not only impressed, but feel like this is a huge step in the right direction of adulthood for me.

For the longest, I've had a drawer for my "cute panties" and then, a drawer where the panties that probably should have been thrown out, but I keep them around for incidentals are kept. I won't believe you if you say I'm the only one. I mean, I'm not always the best at doing laundry, and once I run out of "cute panties" it's time to go digging through the incidental panty drawer LOL....I told myself 2019 I would be better at not only being an adult, but really focusing on self-care and self-love and believe it or not...cute panties are on that list!

Look, I won't judge you if you don't judge me. But getting new cute panties is affordable with Panty Drop because you can get 3 cute pairs of panties for less than $40 and is shipped every 3 months!! The sizes go up to a size 6XL so cute panties for everybody- I LOVE IT!

Each box is personalized for you AND offers free returns, refunds and exchanges without any fuss!

Even better, with my code you can save 35% off your first box when you use discount code RAE35 at www.pantydrop.me :)

I love the sets that came in my box, and all of them fit very true to size. I'm wearing one style now, and you can probably catch another style on my INSTA page at www.instagram.com/ThatGirlRae__

Cheers and happy panty shopping <3

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