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Are you present?

Are you present? I mean, seriously. Are you IN THIS MOMENT? Or are you already worrying about Monday? Already thinking up plans for this weekend? Complaining about something you’ve got coming up? Or, are you drowning in yesterday’s sorrows? Wishing how you could go back and rearrange things? I’m hella guilty of all of these things, especially recently.  

I think sometimes we let the things we want to do propel us out of the present moment. 

I personally have always been a a busy-body. I like to be into stuff, out and about and find myself usually living that type of lifestyle. Mixing my hands in a lot of different pots, and a large amount of the time...it works brilliantly for me. When I have idle time or down time for too long, I get worrisome and start making less Smartt. Decisions lol.

However. Whenever I find myself constantly worrying or thinking about any moment other than the one I am CURRENTLY in- I know that I need to break away from my on the go lifestyle and be aggressive about being intentional with my alone time or my me time. Sometimes, my me time doesn’t mean I’m alone, it could mean that I am simpley stepping away from whatever may be bringing me anxiety or disrupting my peace. Sometimes that’s a job, a relationship, or even a goal. 

I enjoy being present because when you’re worried about tomorrow or feeling sad about the past, we miss out on things that are happening now that could bring us enjoyment. 

And don’t get me wrong, I believe in reflection and I love planning, but neither of those things should break us away fully from the present.

Here’s 5 tips I use to get back to living my life in the present.

1. Get outside for a walk or to read a book at the park. Listen to the sounds, enjoy the views.

2. Call a friend or a parent and ask how they are. Really listen. 

3. Find a new place to visit by yourself. A museum, a lunch spot that offers something you haven’t tried yet. Dress up and be open to meeting someone new.

4. Check your phone less. Seriously. Put it at the bottom of your bag or the other side of the room when you can. 

5. Spend time with your loved ones. Whether it’s your significant other, or your dog, or your family- do something with them to help bring you back into the present moment. 

I hope these help, and I hope you remember to stay present and figure out how to realign into the present moment when you can. Don’t miss anything this beautiful life has to offer by living in thhe last or worrying about the future. Thrive in the now 💜💜

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