• Rae Williams

Are you operating out of Faith/Love, or Fear?

When you know better, you do better. But what about when you don’t know better? We don’t really talk about HOW we arrive at the knowledge of “doing better.”

I guess that’s because hindsight is always clear.

Looking back at the last year and half or so of my life, I can easily see the ways that I operated out of fear instead of operating out of faith/love. That definitely wasn’t the case during those times.

If you’re looking for some ways to check to see where you are operating from, look no further!

When you are operating out of fear:

1. Your creativity will be blocked. This is especially true if you are generally a creative person. Operating from fear will have your creative juices completely dried out!

2. You may find yourself unable to be productive, even when you do have ideas. You may find that you are unable to complete tasks, or lack the motivation to see simple things through.

3. You will probably have a very hard time making decisions. You may even make a decision and then change your mind several times and resort to “letting fate decide” or missing out on opportunities altogether because you didn’t make a decision fast enough.

4. You might discover that you are shutting people out. This could be because you are afraid to bother them with your own problems, or you fear that your problems aren’t important enough to share with others. Either way, you will likely “miss” a higher frequency of correspondence.

5. Sleeping is your bestfriend. When you are operating out of fear, being asleep is one of your safe spaces. Because of this, you may find yourself sleeping longer and possibly taking an increased number of naps.

There are definitely other ways to know if you are operating out of fear, many of which may be unique to you. We are all different, but major changes in how we are genuinely are a major indicator that we may be experiencing an extreme level of stress of that we are operating out of fear instead of faith and love. The sooner you are able to recognize that you are operating out of fear, the sooner you can begin correcting the behavior and operating out of love/faith and a place that will serve you better.

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