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The Death of Social Media

Thinking about how much time I spend on social media can be mind boggling for myself, as well as others. Although my public relations consulting, and modeling are a huge part of utilizing social media, if I'm honest....I found myself just lurking more frequently than I would care to admit. Work is one thing, but spending hours and hours scrolling wishing our lives were like so and so on Instagram IS NOT HEALTHY!

And if we're honest, many of us have found ourselves in this situation. I'm telling you, I'm SO SO SO SO guilty.

For someone who has been suffering from chronic pain for over a year now, the additional side effects have begun to weigh heavy on me- both anxiety & depression (no pun included to the side effect of weight gain either).

Couple anxiety, depression, physical pain AND then add hours of hours of looking at other people's highlight lives on instagram and I can tell you right now that you're heading for an immediate downwards spiral.

The breakdowns have been tremendous, and I was in desperate need for change before the walls completely caved in.

Because of quarantine, everything has been shut down and that includes churches. Luckily, the internet is an amazing thing and I have been able to get online and catch various church services on Sundays. On Easter Sunday, Pastor Margo Gross challenged those of us listening to a 3 day fast.

I have NEVER fasted from social media, because I felt like it was something essential to my businesses and that I couldn't just abandon. Especially not for 3 days. BUT, it's the only thing that I felt would be a HUGE sacrifice for me. If you are unfamiliar, a spiritual fast involves fasting from a need or desire in order to hear more clearly from God, receive direction and also for me now...a way to ensure that I am the slave to nothing!

So I decided to participate in the spiritual fast and chose to fast from social media for 72 hours.

I deleted all of my social media apps off of my phone. Every single one of them. I didn't log in, watch or post anything for the full 3 days of my fast.

It was ABSOLUTELY liberating.

I've learned now that I'm actually not that interested in what most people are doing, and not because I don't care...but God spoke to me clearly saying that my focus needed to be turned back to HIM and the image that He created me in. Healthy. Whole. Full of joy. Prosperous.

The last year of my life threw some hard blows, and now I need to refocus. Using my energy to feel sorry for myself, or envy others living their dreams is only draining my energy from the things that I need to be doing FOR MYSELF!

So no, it's not quite the death of social media for me as a whole, but I do feel that unplugging every now and again will be a major part of my new self-care routine and help recharge me as I begin pouring out again.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, maybe an unplug is something you can try out. It doesn't have to be for 3 days, or even 1 full day, it could be an hour, or a few hours a day while you do something to recharge like read a book or a face mask or focus on something productive.

Remember that this slow down, change in pace and "new normal" as they're calling it, may be an inconvenience and even a time of grief for various losses, which is out of our control BUT it is within our control to create beautiful spaces to live, create, heal and thrive in.

Find or create that space for yourself during this time. Your well being is priority right now!

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